Building a passive solar adobe home up in the mountains near Alpine, Texas is a dream come true.

I will be blogging each step along the way with the help of builder Steve Belardo, whose company, Rainbow Adobe Inc., is a well-known source of creative adobe design in the Alpine/Fort Davis/Marfa triangle of Far West Texas. I am very fortunate to have Steve making this house a reality–his many years of experience in design and building mean this project is something I know will be done well–and it is also fun!

Blog postings will include technical information, pictures of each stage of the project, personal observations, and pictures taken during local hikes.

This home design includes 2 master bedrooms and baths, 2 guest rooms and a shared bath, living and dining areas, kitchen, a personal office, a “man den,” and a 2-car (or Jeep!) garage. A large structure, the house will sit on 10 acres near the top of the mountain. The house itself is at the top of a slope that heads down to a wild ravine. Deer, aoudad, and javelina abound and there are cows as well.

I plan to be on site almost every day of this year-long project, taking pictures and learning more about the technical aspects of building this house and then sharing what I learn along the way.

You can leave comments on any of the postings or the individual pictures. You can also contact me at krevit@gmail.com if you like.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I wish you lots of joy and success with this project.
    Passive: does that mean you don’t have to cool in summer or heat in winter?
    Sorry if that is a stupid question.

    • Hi, Marie! Thanks for visiting.

      A good source of information about passive solar is http://passivesolar.sustainablesources.com/

      I will be adding links like this to the blog as I gather them and learn more.

      Here is a definition of passive solar from the website noted above:

      “Passive solar design refers to the use of the sun’s energy for the heating and cooling of living spaces. In this approach, the building itself or some element of it takes advantage of natural energy characteristics in materials and air created by exposure to the sun. Passive systems are simple, have few moving parts, and require minimal maintenance and require no mechanical systems.

      Operable windows, thermal mass, and thermal chimneys are common elements found in passive design.”

      We are installing air conditioning and heating capabilities, but this is more for possible resale value than for daily use.

      As I learn more, I will share it here.

      Thanks again for dropping by, Marie!

    • DeMonk, there are no stupid questions. Yes, passive solar basically means that the house will heat and cool itself. We are installing a heating and air conditioning system, but that is mostly to ensure that if I decide to sell the house, and the buyers wanted heat and AC, well, it will be there! I personally do not intend to ever turn it on. But we shall see. There are extremes here–near or below zero one recent winter, I hear. I would probably chatter my teeth out of my head in weather like that…

  2. Wow! Has it been a long time! I’ll have to keep checking back from time to time and piece things together from the notes you leave. Having Interent connection problems so everything is slow. Nicholas

    • Nicholas! So glad you dropped by! I am sending you a holiday letter/card that will bring you up-to-date. Do you realize we have been Internet pals for almost 20 years now? I miss you, my friend! oxox

    • Yes, there is a well. It is far away and a line must be dug to bring it to the house. But I do plan to capture the rain, the dew, anything the heavens decide to pour down upon this house! 🙂

  3. Hi Texan 🙂
    This will be a wonderful house and I liked very much your comments about it.
    I see that the garage is very big and could be enough for a jeep and a limo too or not?
    I really enjoy when you describe things and take pictures of those small insects getting around.
    Have a question: the name Neals is for the series The Nanny? haha
    Hope your project will go ahead as you wish. I will follow this blog.
    Congratulations for you and good luck. 😀

    • Ha, ha! Verónica, it is nice to see you! Yes, I think I can fit a limo in the garage… 😉

      Niles is actually named after the character Niles in “Frazier.” And his real name is Mister Niles, but I am informal, so I just call him Niles.

      Thanks for your good wishes. This has been an amazing project, as you can see!

      Ciao for now!

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