May 26

All of the pendant lights and sconces (over 30 of them!) are now in place throughout the interior and the exterior of the house.

Local artist Pauline Hernandez created every light fixture by hand. She began by using clay to make the form for each sconce or pendant light and then she fired it. She later added details such as horny toads or cactus leaves and then cut into the ceramic to allow light to shine through the form once the light bulb inside was turned on.

These lights are amazing, as you will see! Each one is a hand-made work of art and they add such a special touch to the house. I am so lucky to have these unique light fixtures–they are beautiful at night when lit and equally beautiful and interesting during the day. I love them! Thank you, Pauline!



I can report that all boxes from storage are now empty. Wahoo! I cannot report, however, that everything in those boxes has found its permanent place. Not yet. One guest room is full of “stuff” I don’t know what to do with…but a lot has been accomplished in the four months I have been living in this extraordinary house and I am feeling kinda proud of myself. Temporarily, anyway.

I am working on a posting that will give you some idea of how the interior of the house is shaping up, so be patient (as you have been, bless you!) and soon you will see more. 🙂

PS. Bella and Niles are great. They love it up here on the mountain as much as I do. Thanks for thinking of them. And of me.

4 thoughts on “Lights!

  1. Very interesting your lights and original too.
    I laughed about the place full of staff and you don’t know what to do with 🙂
    I’m glad you are happy in that house and your dogs too.


  2. Congratulations with all the new lights. They look very personal and artistic.
    I am sure they will give your home a nice atmosphere.
    Glad to hear that your dogs are in good shape in their new home.
    Maybe you could put a new photo of them here?

    Good luck with all you have to do in your new home!


  3. These are beautiful and add such amazing detail and interest. I really like your front porch and door as well. Enjoy every moment of the new beauty and thanks for keeping us posted.

  4. Wow, Leah! Those lights are amazing – works of art throughout your house. How nice of you to share this update to your home. Glad you, Bella and Niles are settling into your little piece of paradise. 🙂

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