December 8

I celebrated my birthday on December 1. No, I am not telling you which birthday. You will have to guess. 😉

My birthday present to myself this year (you may recall a red Jeep last year–Beep beep!) is a trip to Dublin, Ireland later this month. I’m quite excited because I will be attending the premiere of a new documentary film called Behind the Sword In The Stone, about the making of the movie Excalibur (1981). I am an Executive Producer of this documentary and this will be my first red carpet! Well, perhaps no red carpet, but still exciting. I will be meeting lots of people I only know online and that is always fun. I’ve been working with many of them on the film itself and others are friends I’ve made through my work on the Byrneholics website (where I am known as Stella, in case you are unaware). I suppose my virtual and real lives have finally collided–in a good way.

Towards the end of the week, we experienced another ice storm. Now, I’m not saying I hate winter weather yet, but this was pretty severe! Three days trapped in the house. With dogs. Fortunately, I have lots of firewood and a great fireplace in the rental house (not to mention a working Internet connection for most of this time) and the larder was stocked, so all was well. Still! It was freaking cold and walking outside was a slippery nightmare. On the other hand, Alpine covered in a glistening blanket of ice is a beautiful sight…

Meanwhile, work on the house has accelerated. We are nearing completion, folks!

The Talavera tile samples you will see in these pictures are actually very traditional. The “Paloma Azul,” (“blue bird”) tiles for my bathroom are a classic example of this type of tile. Suns, moons, and sun/moon duos are also very traditional. The singing coyote might be a bit nouveau, but its colors and subject are still traditional Southwestern. And, despite the Moroccan feel of the decorative tiles that will be used in the kitchen, these are traditional Talavera style tiles, used with Talavera solid color tiles as well. Steve has been laying out the patterns on the living room floor so we can finalize the actual placement of the decorative tiles. He is very precise in his random placement of these decorative tiles and he knows to within a tile or two how many solid and decorative tiles will be necessary for each sink and shower, or in my case, bath tub.

The actual laying of the tile in the bathrooms begins tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Tile!

  1. it is so nice to see all the things that is happening in you new house. I am sure it will be great when it is finished. Do you have a dog corner for you two lovely dogs? I am sure they will have a great time in all of the house, but maybe they will have they own corner and their little dog beds?
    What could be better that going to Dublin as a birthday/Christmas trip now! Happy days there Stella!

  2. it’s a house! it’s a house! the kitchen cabinets look great and I love the traditional tiles. Very nice!

    I did not know a thing about the film–you are a constant surprise. Have a wonderful and safe trip.

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