Fans Plus!

November 18

Watching these final projects take shape and knowing that we are reaching the end of a LONG list of “things to do” makes each visit to the house even more exciting than usual!


One of the elements of the back patio is the “banco,” a low wall that can be used for seating. The banco aesthetically marks the perimeter of the patio, of course, but it also serves a very important purpose: rattlesnake protection! I have heard so much about rattlers since coming to Far West Texas, but I’ve rarely seen one. And those I have seen have been dead in the road–which is good, of course. My ideas about rattlesnakes and their existence on this mountain are about to change, though! For more, read the Personal Section.



On this Monday, the skies are blanketed with heavy clouds, as you can see. We came up for a hike on the previous Saturday, when the skies were blue and filled with fluffy white clouds. I took pics of the Jeep near the house for a friend and then we hiked the Rocks Walk. And Bella discovered a rattlesnake in the road! It was already deceased, but it still scared all three of us. So now I don’t laugh at Steve when he tells me the patio bancos are good for sitting and keeping out the snakes…because there ARE snakes up here!

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