19 Things All At Once

November 7

Well, it FEELS like nineteen different things are going on all at the same time here at the building site today. I don’t think there are actually that many, but you get the idea.

The place is HOPPING!

Here’s what is happening today:

1. Water tanks are being connected to each other and to the water pipes.
2. Propane tank has arrived. It is installed and connected.
3. Backyard patio has been laid out and the footings for the adobe walls that will outline the patio are being poured.
4. Kitchen cabinets are now on the walls, thanks to Arnold’s amazing woodworking skills.
5. My bathroom is being prepared for tile.
6. The West End of the house has been dusted and vacuumed and is now partitioned from the rest of the house with a big plastic sheet.
7. Both kivas are completed. We are waiting to decide on the color scheme of the kivas. Might go lighter or darker in the Living Room, depending on how the kiva colors work with the kitchen tile colors.
8. Steve goes off to buy a long list of items from the hardware store…

Progress has been steady and, in the case of Arnold, fast!



We walked the Old Walk today, thinking the cows had chosen somewhere else to be, with the weather growing colder. Nope. They were still around. Bella and Niles stalk them and make a big show, but the black cows just stand there, implacable. Unless one of them is spooked–and then they all hightail it to a safe place, about 10 yards from their original spot. They do not like to move much…

We saw evidence of Autumn today and the air was a lot cooler. I bring the same amount of water as usual, but we drink less. The burning sun of Summer is now hidden behind a blanket of clouds and I wear a hoodie every day. Winter Is Coming…and that’s wonderful!

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