A Tank’s Tale

November 5

This is the story of the first rainwater reclamation tank to be installed at the house. It’s a big day indeed!

You have watched Steve dig this great big hole, hitting solid rock along the way and having to adjust the plan as a result. And you’ve seen the huge pile of dirt grow in the backyard.

Steve is a hands-on builder. He designs houses, creating blueprints for structural, electrical, and other aspects of any new home he is going to build. But what he really likes to do is manage the project and get his hands DIRTY! He is a master of the Back Hoe and the Bobcat and he uses these machines as extensions of his physical self. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Today he really surprises me, though. I have no idea how the water tanks are going to be placed in the hole he has dug. These tanks are big, but they are made of some kind of industrial plastic composite material, so they are not as heavy as they might look. Will the crew roll them in? Slide them into the hole? How will this work?

Read on to discover the wizardry of Steve and his machine. And of course, this is a team effort and everyone contributes to make this activity a big success!

All I do is take pictures and yell “Wow!” and “Omigod!” 🙂

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