Kitchen and Windows

November 1


The Kitchen is on the way! Arnold did some fast work Thursday afternoon and now you can see the outlines of the cabinets. I am so excited. Believe it or not, I can’t wait to wash dishes in front of those windows with that incredible view! 😉

And speaking of windows: the hardware is now in place. Beautiful.


Today’s Rock Road Hike is lovely, but marred by Niles coming up lame. He could not put any weight on his right front paw. I carried him back to the Jeep (well, I carried him for awhile, then he hobbled for awhile, and then I carried him some more–he is heavier than he looks!), took him to the vet, and she said: Limp? What limp? Sure enough. This was not an injury. Niles is developing arthritis!! Poor baby. I know. Getting old sucks.

6 thoughts on “Kitchen and Windows

  1. Are there a lot of other pueblo revival style homes around Alpine? When I was in gradschool out in Dallas I used to head out to Alpine on the way to Big Bend. I was just driving through but I never noticed that style of home around there the way you do in northern New Mexico. I think it is really cool that you are building that style of house in that part of Texas. It certainly is fitting. I have told myself many time that if I were to return to Texas I would want to live somewhere around Alpine. You have a very cool project there!

    • Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I have seen several Pueblo Revival homes in Alpine and there are three, I think, in the Sierra La Rana subdivision where I am building my house.

      This style is a specialty of my builder, Steve Belardo. He makes all of the adobe blocks and the wood comes from New Mexico. Some Pueblo Revivals are “mock,” but Steve’s houses are the real deal.

      I hope you come back to Far West Texas. Alpine, Marfa, Fort Davis: this is a great triangle of towns and life here is wide open skies and gorgeous vistas. But you already know that. 😉

  2. Hi Leah,

    That’s one wonderful project, I’m so happy for you! Great to see all those steps of progress. I can imagine all this takes a lot of time. I hope everything goes according to plan (it looks like it does!). I’ll send good vibes. 🙂
    And see you in Ireland. Hurray!
    All the best,

    • Hi Jojanneke! Thanks for visiting this blog. Yes, it’s a great project and now it is almost DONE. Thanks for the good vibes and I’ll see you in Dublin in just a few weeks! Yay! 😉

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