Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

October 31

Well, it is Halloween and I spent the morning doing spooky stuff over at that other blog I run, so now it’s time to check out the house…

So much stuff is happening these days: gas lines are in place and the moat has disappeared, the colors for the Kivas have arrived, the exterior doors are ready to be varnished and stained and distressed (not clear on the order of all of that yet, but the color will be Antique Mesquite–gorgeous), hose bibs are sprouting up everywhere, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a Kitchen Sink!

Remember to click on the first image to open up the BIG Gallery. I was a bit excited about the kitchen so some of those shots are rather blurry…



We hiked the Rocks Road today. Too many cows on the other road and they are getting ornery!

2 thoughts on “Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

    • I am so excited just about the kitchen that my hands were twitching when I was taking those pics. I suppose I think of the kitchen as the heart of the home. We have saved the kitchen for last, so now I feel like the heart of the house is being built…anyway, it is beautiful and I hope you like the tile I’ve chosen for the kitchen. If not, I will serve you additional red wine when you come visit and you won’t notice it so much. LOL!

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