Progress Inside and Out, Part 2

October 29

A visit to the building site, or I should say THE HOUSE, is really an adventure now because things are changing all of the time. Trenches are being dug and other trenches are being filled in. Door hardware is being added. Cabinets are moving along nicely. The last stucco has been applied. Scaffolding is disappearing. The house is looking more and more like the house it was meant to be all along…and I am stunned by the lines and shadows and the subtle details of the exterior facade. Steve is a magician–he always knew the house would look like this, but I did not see it until it was DONE.


Steve is on track to bring all of the technical infrastructure into place for the house: plumbing, electrical, gas. He is digging trenches and getting pipes in place. Meanwhile, the crew is cleaning up the site, removing scaffolding, cutting away tape around windows and doors, tidying up the roof. Arnold is inside working away on cabinets. There is still much to do but now where the work is being done looks like a HOUSE!


After the colors in McKittrick Canyon, the desert is oddly muted and the gray sky makes everything seem a bit dim. But I discover desert fall color on our hike and I know there is a blue sky beyond those gray clouds. It will show itself again before too long…and the long range forecast projects temperatures in the 30’s next week, so winter is on the way!

5 thoughts on “Progress Inside and Out, Part 2

    • Katy, thanks! It is turning out to be more beautiful than I ever dreamed. I laughed with Steve about that. I said: YOU always knew it was going to look like this, didn’t you? He just smiled.

  1. Sorry I’ve been out of touch. I’m so glad to see the house nearing completion. It is beautiful …. I’ve really enjoyed following the progress.

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