A Brief Departure: Fall Colors!

October 26

We hiked McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park on this Saturday.

This is a different “we.” Bella and Niles are boarding at the vet’s, a little spa weekend for them (baths, pedicures, rattlesnake vaccine boosters–ouch!), and I am near Van Horn, Texas with my little brother who is now a lot bigger than I am. The canyon is famous for its fall colors and the hope is that we are not too early. The park was closed for a few weeks (you know why) and many trails are still closed due to heavy rains and flooding in September (video).

But the park is open now and the Canyon is ours!

Don’t forget to click on the first image to open the BIG Gallery. You don’t want to miss these colors!

October 27

The next day we head out to Smith Springs, part of the Frijole Ranch Trail. This was a lovely hike and the water at the springs was delightful. There is evidence of damage from the heavy rains, though, and I am glad we were not here then! 12 inches in 12 hours. We do things BIG in Texas!

Next year, we will tackle the monster climb, Guadalupe Peak…

2 thoughts on “A Brief Departure: Fall Colors!

    • Paul, the park is about 100 miles away, near Van Horn, Texas. But, as you can see, the landscape in the canyons is quite different, even though the mountains look a lot like those near Alpine…

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