Stucco Project, Part Twelve

October 16

It rained on Tuesday, so no work. The weather turned colder, too. No work today either, but we head up to see the building site, hoping the rainy clouds will disappear and the mist will eventually burn off. And finally, blue skies do return!



And on a personal note:

As some of you will remember, this is the third anniversary of Tony’s death. It is difficult for me to believe that these three years have gone by so quickly.

I remember him every day. When I first moved to Alpine and the work on the house began in earnest, I often made decisions (doors and bathroom fixtures were the first ones) by asking myself: “WWTD? What Would Tony Do?” Tony loved to remodel and plan and pick out new things for our house. He had a good eye and very good taste (of course!) and I learned a great deal about taking care of a house from him–not just the everyday stuff, but the big things like new plumbing and kitchen re-modeling and other major projects.

Now that a year of making decisions has passed, I find that I ask Tony less often what he might do and instead I say to him: “Hey, look at this! Don’t you love it? I hope so, because this is what it is going to be!” He seems pretty happy, although there is one bathroom tile decision that he would like to argue about… 🙂

I miss you, Tony, I wish you could be up here on the mountain. But I don’t cry because, somehow, I think you are.



2 thoughts on “Stucco Project, Part Twelve

  1. As always, your “tale” is amazing 🙂
    I like the final color of walls. The material is like in my house but inside. It is very difficult to paint these kind of walls. That’s why I will not do it anymore. Someone else will do it.
    The “Little house on the prairie” is going ahead fast. And the sky is beatiful when is deep blue with white clouds.
    Tony looks like a nice person and as you say, somehow he is there.
    Well, give my regards to the chihuahuan desert and take care Texan 🙂

    ❤ (I think this not works here)

    • Thanks, Verónica! No, the ❤ does not work here, but your message is clear. 🙂

      We could ask Steve to come to Argentina and paint your walls for you! Ok. Maybe not…or at least let's wait until THIS house is finished!

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