Stucco Project, Part Eight

October 8

Notice how I completely failed to create interesting titles for these posts? 😉


Work on the interior picks up speed as we wait for the stucco outside to set. The elastomeric color coat will not happen until next week.

So, trim on doors gets top priority and the kivas get some attention, too.

The electricians have been busy as well. Light switches and outlets are popping up everywhere.

And Steve and I have been planning the tile for the bathrooms. The fun part is about to start!

Remember to click on the first picture to open up the BIG Gallery.


The sky is full of clouds. Not Cloud Dancers really. More like a kind of seascape. I cannot capture this feeling with a camera. But I try.

4 thoughts on “Stucco Project, Part Eight

    • Thanks, Paul! I am impressed, too. The level of workmanship on this house has been extraordinary. Steve tells me: you will have a hand-made house. And he is right. I was walking through it the other day, looking at the floor, the walls, the “bond beam,” and the ceiling. I’ve watched every single thing be put into place and I’ll always remember this process. It has been a wonderful experience.

  1. It is changing very quickly.
    It will be a very nice home.
    We hope it will be finished until 20 December!!! !Yay!
    Of course it will 🙂

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