Stucco Project, Part Five

October 2


The second stucco layer is in process. Floating the stucco with sponges makes this layer much smoother than the first, but there is still a lot of texture in this material, so the third layer–the elastomeric material–will adhere and bond to it.

The great thing about this second layer is that it provides a hint of what the house will look like when it is finished–the shapes and contours of the room exteriors are much more evident now and the shadows from the various angles built into the house are lovely to see!

Don’t forget to click on the first picture to open up the BIG Gallery!


Hiking our old roads is about to come to an end. From October until February, the hiking trails are closed due to hunting season. This was not really enforced much last year, but now there are more of us here and some of us are hunters. I’m not sure what we will do. Hiking the main roads is always an option, of course. And walking all the way down to the back entrance to Sierra La Rana where the mailboxes are every day would probably do all three of us a lot of good. So fear not. We will get our hikes in, one way or another!

2 thoughts on “Stucco Project, Part Five

    This will be so big. You’ll have to put a radar too to find you in it 😀
    Just kidding.
    It will be beatiful when finished.

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