Stucco Project, Part Four

September 30


The first stucco layer is complete! And the second layer has begun.

It seems that each layer has its own particular challenges.

The first layer has to adhere to the adobe blocks and it must also be raked to create grooves for the second layer. Time-consuming, to say the least.

The second layer must be made as smooth as possible and it also has to completely cover the first layer, of course. The smoothness is created by using a trowel by itself and then sponging the surface with a trowel that has a sponge attached to it.

The third layer may be the hardest of all because the window and door tape has to be re-done to allow the elastomeric material to get as close to the window and door frames as possible to create a strong seal. Very time-consuming and also pain-staking work.

The end result is going to be gorgeous.


Same perfect blue sky. Same majestic and distant horizon. Same amazing green desert. You don’t want to see any more pictures of all this, do you? Nah.

Ok. Here are a few. 😉

4 thoughts on “Stucco Project, Part Four

  1. Hi 🙂
    Really I don’t understand very much of stucco but I love your way of describing the hole thing.
    The little pics are wonderful with those blue skys above.
    The “little” house is going ahead, so you certainly are happy.

    I liked this “report” 🙂

    See you after the next one.

    • Yes, the “little” house, which is really a BIG house, is coming along. I cannot wait to move in!

      The stucco is a time-consuming process. Wait until you see the last layer with the color. That should start in another week or so.

      Thanks for visiting. It is really nice to see you here, Verónica!

  2. Hi Leah,

    The construction is really coming along. It’s a house! I had no idea the stucco process was so involved — very interesting to read about in such great detail.

    Hope all is well.

    • Hi, Katy! Yes, things are moving now. Move-in will be sometime in December. If I have my wish fulfilled (!), I will move in on my birthday, December 1. You will hear me celebrating all the way in Austin!

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