Stucco Project, Part Three

September 27

Yes, yes. I know. I must devise different titles for these next postings or it will become really boring. Part 4, Part 5, Part 6. Boring.

Ok. I will try! 😉


Almost the entire house is covered with the first layer of stucco now.

Crew members show up on Friday (a day they do not usually work) to spray the house with water. The stucco needs to remain damp during this layering process. Rain is in the forecast, so they may not have to come back until regular work resumes on Monday. We shall see.

This is going faster than I imagined. Steve and I are looking at colors for the last layer–the elastomeric layer (more on this later). I want something in the “stone” range, to go with the other colors we have chosen so far, but I want the color to be rich. So, we will be experimenting a bit to see what we can achieve.


It is hot today, a precursor to rain. Days of empty blue skies come to an end as the thunderheads begin to roll in. They are far away at the moment, but they move fast!

2 thoughts on “Stucco Project, Part Three

  1. The crew did a great job on the scratch coat. What colors are you going to go with? Did you have any in mind yet, or looked around for some inspiration anywhere yet? That is one of the hardest parts, in my opinion. Keep up the progress!

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