And We’re Back!

September 24

The brief work hiatus turned into a five week work stoppage, but we are back on track now!

Steve estimates 8 – 9 more weeks of consistent work days and the house will be ready. So, it appears I might be in the house in time to celebrate my birthday on December 1. Woo hoo!


Primary project to start: the stucco project. And everyone gets going fast! Plastic sheeting and tape have been put in place to protect all parts of the house that will not be covered in stucco. This stuff is sticky and will make a big mess, so a lot of effort is spent ensuring it does not go anywhere but on the walls of the house.

Getting the stucco mix just right takes some experimentation and testing but, by the time I leave the building site, the mix is perfect and it is going up!

Also on the immediate agenda: finish hanging the interior doors and changing out the hardware (the silver nickel hardware is wrong–we ordered oiled bronze hardware and now it has arrived, so all of the door hardware will be replaced) and completing the fireplaces. These two kivas are going to be beautiful and I can’t wait to see how Steve creates them.

Then: the bathrooms and the kitchen! Am I excited? You bet I am!


During the hiatus, Bella, Niles, and I continued to hike as usual. I took pictures but nothing much was changing so I began to feel I was taking the same pictures over and over. Now, however, autumn is in the air and there is a change on the horizon. The mornings are much cooler and the rain is less frequent. The high is in the ’80’s and the air is dry. The wind is picking up. And the sotols are beginning to fall over. When we first began hiking here back last November, there was no evidence at all of sotol stalks, so I know they will disappear over the next few weeks.

PS. And where is Part 2 of the Passive Solar posting, you ask? Yes, well. I got busy with other projects. It will be coming your way in the next day or two, though, so be ready!

Here are two pictures from the hiatus hiking that I do want to share with you:


Most amazing bug ever!


Mesquite beans all turned brown and fell to the ground. They are gone now. Cows got ’em, I expect.

2 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

    • Thanks for dropping by, Kim. It is good to see you!

      Steve had other projects underway and splitting up his team was getting too cumbersome. So, he focused on one project and got it done and now he and his crew are back to work full-time and finish my house.

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