Odds and Ends

July 29

This is a very cloudy–as in rain clouds, not cloud dancers–Monday. Work is, as I continue to say, almost done on the stucco preparation. Seriously. I mean it. I think…

July 31

First stop: Steve’s house. He wants me to see the flagstone walkway he is building. This is local flagstone and he has not used it before, so he is trying it out first. I love it! The plan is to have a flagstone walkway in the front of the house, a patio for me, and a larger patio outside the living room/dining room. I think these stones will be a wonderful addition to the design of the house, don’t you?

Next stop: The house on top of the mountain. Just need to check to see if there is any more stucco mesh or metal lath that could possibly be added to the exterior of this house! And I find evidence here and there of new pieces that have been applied, but I really think they are finally DONE. I think.

Final stop: The Rocks. We managed to make it all the way to the gate at the end of the road, but I stopped taking pictures because those clouds at the beginning turned into real thunder clouds halfway through the hike. We HOOFED it back to the Jeep just in time!

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