More Doors and Stucco Prep

July 26

No work on Fridays, so we had the run of the house on this visit.

There is a treat at the bottom of this posting, so be sure to read to the end. 🙂

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So where have I been the last few days, you ask? Ah, you think I’m hanging out having a good time being retired, don’t you? Well, I am!

On Tuesday, Steve took me on a road trip to visit some of his previous clients and to see their homes. Tile in the bathrooms and kitchens, specifically. He wanted me to get some ideas about my own tile projects. And I did! Everyone was very nice and allowed me to take pictures for reference. I will not share them with you because I want you to be surprised when you see the tile installed in my new house. Also, I did not ask permission to publish the pictures on the blog. I should have, I guess. Still, it was a great afternoon of talking with happy Steve fans and learning about tile. I also was able to see their gardens and get some ideas about future landscaping and that was very helpful. The only downside to this little jaunt was the kidney-rattling road up to where these houses are situated! Thank goodness Steve’s truck is such a warhorse.

And on Wednesday I traveled to Mertzon, Texas (near San Angelo), home of Mr. Reid Overstreet, mesquite wood furniture maker and artist.

Mr. Overstreet is a very interesting gentleman. He wrangles horses for the movies so he can make furniture in his “spare” time. My brother joined me on this trip and we really enjoyed our visit. Mr. Overstreet is quiet-spoken but he has a good (and dry) sense of humor. He shared a few stories about his film-making adventures (“Seraphim Falls”, “Appaloosa,” “Far and Away,” among others) and  he showed us a picture of the actors from “Seraphim Falls” which included autographs and messages from Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan. I about fainted! He also worked on “The Missing,” with Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett. OMG!  I was really fan-girling over this! He taught Ms. Blanchett how to ride. How cool is that? I think his real love, though, is working with wood. His furniture is so beautiful. Each piece is unique. I am very interested in a large mesquite dining room table, similar to the one he created in the photos below. Mr. Overstreet is going to see what he can do. We will be talking. Maybe I’ll ask him to teach ME to ride…

And yes, I love being retired and living in Far West Texas.


3 thoughts on “More Doors and Stucco Prep

  1. glad you enjoyed meeting reid, he is indeed a very interesting west texas character.and i’m glad you are getting the chance to work with him. hr won’t disappoint.

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