The Bold Look

July 14

A very hot Sunday up on the mountain. I don’t expect to see much progress, but I am wrong!


The interior window trim is almost completely done. Just the bottoms of some of the windows and the Living Room door and window remain. This project has gone very quickly and I am so pleased with the resulting look. And, as Steve would say, the look is nice but the functionality is the important thing–these windows are super sturdy, double-paned, insulated around the edges, and so trimmed up that they are practically one with the adobe blocks now. Work on the exterior trim will begin this coming week and that process will “seal the deal.” No wind, dust, water, or anything else except perhaps a mad cow is coming through these windows!

An investigation of the garage reveals the bathroom and kitchen fixtures have arrived. Bathroom sinks and commodes, my bathtub, and the kitchen sink are all here. So are the faucets and other hardware. The “Bold Look” of Kohler is everywhere! So, work on the bathrooms–tile, cabinets, linen closets–is not far off. I better finalize my tile decisions, yes? OMG. Yes.

And about those extra projects with the left-over materials? I am thinking those will probably not happen, except perhaps the BBQ pit, because the water reclamation project is now a GO. In planning ahead, it became apparent that digging up the backyard once the fence was in place, not to mention any landscaping that might have been done, was not a good idea. So, forward ho on the water project and the other amenities will go on the back burner for now. Except the pit. Gotta have a place outside to cook!


Don’t forget: Click on the first image to open up the BIG Gallery so you can see my BOLD bathtub.


Now that I have landscaping on the brain, everywhere I look becomes a possible template for the front yard. Plants, flowers, grass, and rocks all arranged by Nature–that’s the way I like it.

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