July 10

Now I wish I were referring to myself with this posting title, but alas, no. I am talking about WINDOW trim!

There is a new member of the team: Sean. Sean has lots of wood-working skills and other valuable experience and he is taking on the window trim project with enthusiasm. I think he may also be a bit of a perfectionist like his boss, Steve, and that is such a good thing for this project, as you will see.

There are at least three different saws in play here: the joiner, the mitre/miter saw, and the table saw. Sean and Bo patiently explained the purpose for each saw and for a minute there, I had it down. However, saws are not my forté, so if you care to enlighten me further in the comments to this posting, have at it!

Behind-the-scenes activities include deciding on the appliances for the kitchen and laundry (all stainless steel and energy-efficient), finalizing the beautiful Talavera tile choices for the bathrooms and kitchen (oh, how I agonize over this!), and thinking about the water reclamation project (which may happen sooner rather than later–woo hoo!). And I spend my evenings poring over the two landscaping books that now sit on my coffee table, beckoning me to brush up my knowledge of binomial nomenclature. My favorite so far is Dasylirion wheeleriI think George R. R. Martin should name a character Dasylirion, don’t you?



Sometimes I walk the old walk because it is really hot and I know the cattle will be there and they make a perfect excuse for cutting the walk short. My stamina has increased but the heat takes me down a notch. Bella and Niles suffer, too, although they are in better shape than I am. But I don’t want them to have to carry me home because I’ve fainted from the heat. Don’t laugh. There is danger in this heat, for me anyway. Here the air is dry and the wind blows, so I don’t always realize how hot I actually am, unlike Houston, where it was always apparent that I was overheated because I was soaking wet! So, when it is 95 degrees out, I usually err on the side of caution…

And now you are thinking, well, why not walk in the early morning or later in the evening? Yes, that makes perfect sense EXCEPT that is exactly when all the little and big animals are out and about and Bella and Niles go crazy! So, for the moment, we are kinda stuck. That’s okay. It will not be summer forever. I think…


Speaking of coffee tables:

My friend Nina gave me the best gift. James Evans is a well-known photographer in these parts and his book “Crazy From The Heat” offers gorgeous examples of the landscapes, people, and critters in Far West Texas. I hope his black-and-white critters are as close to these desert-dwelling beasties as I ever get. His landscapes are beautifully lit and often quite painterly in their evocation of this place and time. I love this book!!

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