The Rocks, Part 2

July 8

The next activities at the house include: trimming the windows on the inside, installing the new doors (the doors are in Sante Fe and will be picked up and hauled back here by Steve), and starting the bathrooms–getting the fixtures, laying the tile, building the cabinets. While all of this is going on inside the house, the stucco project will begin. Someday soon, the house will no longer be black!

Since not much is going on at the house on this Monday, we head out for the “new walk.” The Jeep seems to have recovered from whatever it was suffering, so I hazard the “almost” road and we make it over here without incident. It is really hot, but the sky and the rocks and the flowers all make it worth the trip. You don’t see much of Niles in these pictures because he almost immediately races off to chase lizards in the brush. Bella hangs with me most of the time and looks like the hunter she truly is.

On days like today, the sky is almost overwhelming.

Remember to click on the first image to open the BIG Gallery. That way, you will see the BIG Sky even more clearly…

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