Windows 2

June 29


Insulation of the windows has begun and Arnold has set up wood-working shops in two places now. I see new stuff all the time: new equipment, new pipes, a door! The crew is working on another job simultaneously with this one so they get pulled away to work that job sometimes. Progress is still being made, though, and the other job should be finished in August. Steve has to juggle projects like everyone else and he is very good about staying on schedule and keeping me updated on where we are and what is happening next. He still does not want me to move in yet, though.



We’ve been having a heat wave: 98-99 degrees with high humidity. So today I decided to try our old hike since it is easier to get to it. Hike was cut short when we discovered cattle on the road! Niles always barks at the cattle when we drive by them in the Jeep, but he is smart and knows that he should stay away from them on the ground. One smack with a hoof and he is history. Bella is very quiet in the Jeep, but wants to chase them when she sees them on the road. She thinks they are fat deer.

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