The Big Spray

July 4

Where have I been, you ask? Right here. My camera broke. Not really. Turns out there is a kind of Y2K (remember that?) problem with camera memory cards. According to the manual, once there are 1,000 pictures on the card, the images cannot be imported to the computer using the standard method–you have to get a card reader to connect to your computer. HUH? I had over 3,000 pictures stored on my memory card, which is huge, and never had a problem. Then–Kablooie. So, we kept going up to the house and I kept taking pictures, but I had no way to get them here until the card reader arrived. Now all is fixed. Back to the regularly scheduled programming and I apologize for the temporary hiatus!

June 26


Yesterday Arnold, who is a man of myriad talents, sprayed the entire interior of the house–wood and adobe blocks–with linseed oil. TWICE. Of course there was no way for me to capture this historic activity, so today I can show you the end result.

The linseed oil feeds the wood and protects it. The oil seeps into the adobe blocks and keeps them from being dusty, which they naturally are, being made of dirt. This was a big project that required covering the entire floor with plastic, as you saw earlier. Now it is done! I told Steve I was ready to move in now. He said: “Um, please, no!” The house looks so beautiful. I cannot wait.

Remember, please, to click on the first image and open up the BIG Gallery. Thanks!


I am not sure about this new walk. We have to drive quite a distance over a new road that is very rocky and full of obstacles. The Jeep is trail-rated but I worry. We walked it today and, sure enough, discovered new stuff that made the trip worthwhile. I suppose that is always the way here in Far West Texas. Wherever you go, you find something new.

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