The Rocks

Sunday, June 23

It hailed like crazy in Alpine Friday night and again Saturday night, but not quite as hard on Saturday. It sounded like someone was standing on the roof of my rental house, throwing rocks as hard as possible. Bang, bang, bang! Niles becomes Niles Thunderbarker at times like these and Bella sits close by me, not shaking, but definitely perturbed. Then it is all over and of course they want to go outside and eat hailstones and get wet. Lovely…



Sunday turned out hot as usual. A visit to the building site revealed a few new developments: the partition walls and closets are almost finished; materials no longer necessary are being piled up for removal; screws were definitely used to “nail” down the new roof; and the plastic that shielded the walls from the acid and wax on the new floor is being turned down to protect the floor from the linseed oil treatment that should next on the agenda. We also walked around the backyard to see what was happening since the rains–and discovered some colorful flowers and a raven in soaring flight.


We have a new hike! This hike is on the opposite side of the house from our old hike. The views are quite different and so is the terrain, as you will see. There is a ranch road similar to the one we’ve been hiking for the past few months, but it goes down quite far, where there be rattlesnakes! Yikes. So I’m not quite sure how this new hike will develop, but here is our first foray. What did we find first? Rocks!

PS. Here is my favorite new t-shirt:


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