Linseed Oil Prep

June 24


Now that all of the wood for the walls and closets is in place, the next step is the linseed oil spraying project. The floor has to be covered completely. Linseed oil + concrete = disaster. Arnold and his helpers will go through the entire interior, spraying all of the wood and the adobe blocks with linseed oil. TWICE. In one day. Oh, just kill me now. I can’t believe he can do this, but he can. Steve and Arnold can do anything, I bet.

Also this week, the windows will be delivered. Arnold and his helpers will install all of the windows. And you KNOW how many of those there are in this big house. These are Pella windows. They will be placed in the window bucks and then there are several steps involved in securing them, including attaching wire mesh to them and wrapping that mesh around the window buck and nailing it under the felt. Once the stucco goes on, these windows will be stuck! In a very good way. Installing the windows will take at least a week.

After the windows, the doors will arrive. Don’t know yet who does the doors, so stand by for that info.

Steve and I also talked about garage doors and tile samples today. Things are moving along!

Don’t forget: Click on the first picture to open up the BIG Gallery!

Tile Teaser:

There are 9 pages of these from which to choose. OMG.

Talavera Tile Samples 1

4 thoughts on “Linseed Oil Prep

    • Me not know. You have been a big help in assisting me in narrowing down the range of choices, but still. There are so many I really like and some I really LOVE. I want to go “dramatic” in the kitchen. Steve is trying to talk me down from this ledge… Ha ha.

    • We have been fortunate with the rain this year. So fortunate that fireworks were allowed in town last night! No fire ban for the first time in a long time apparently. And the tile–so exciting but also mind-numbing. Too many choices! What a problem, eh? 😉

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