The Art Walls

June 19


I call the walls that Arnold is building “the art walls” because they are a work of art. The angle of the wood placement and the way the individual pieces of wood fit together is beautiful. Tongue and groove joints make these partition walls work and I think they are a great contrast to the adobe blocks and even the other wood in the house. And yet they complement all of these other textures and materials, too. But I also call them “the art walls” because I will be showcasing some of my personal art on these walls–the kind of images that won’t really “go” in the rest of the house. My stuff.

Once these walls are in place, and possibly the windows too (I’m not too clear about the timing here), the linseed oil spraying project will begin. The roof will probably happen before all of this, though!

Please click on the first picture to open up the BIG Gallery so you can see “The Art Walls”!


Spending time with the cholla cacti on this hike because it is one of the last hikes we will make on this road, I think. And we had a horny toad sighting, even though it was deceased…

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