June 17


The floor is looking gorgeous! The acid and the wax have both been applied and now the house is almost ready for the interior adobe block and wood linseed oil spraying project. When the house is completely finished, the floor will be buffed and polished again so it will be even richer in color. I love the way the gray of the concrete shows through in some places–this lends more texture. And it is easy to take care of this floor. This matters a lot to me!


Another hot day. What is happening here due to the recent abundant rain is called “greening up.” And that it has! I have never seen it this green and I’ve been visiting SLR for two years now…

But I think we have had enough of this road. It has been wonderful to watch things shoot up and grow, but there is a bull being pastured nearby and I would like to avoid a bovine-canine altercation if I can!

So I will be seeking advice and directions from Dave, the property manager (remember him in the Sierra La Rana posting?) concerning alternative hiking possibilities. Stay tuned. My view–and yours–will be changing soon.

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