A Roof Over My Head

June 21


So much can happen so fast! I arrived around 12noon to discover the roof was almost completed!

This is a shiny silver metal roof, almost flat, but with a slight slope in the back of the house. You cannot really see it from the ground. Light colors are better for a roof and will keep temperatures on the top of the house from rising so high in the summer. They reflect rather than absorb the light and heat. You will see this reflection in the pictures below.

The slight slope is designed to ensure that water runs off of the roof. This will be a key ingredient in the future water reclamation project. As you have seen, water is a big deal out here in Far West Texas. Anything you can do to ensure access to it is worth investigating. Steve has calculated that the square footage of the roof could yield as much as 40,000 gallons of rainwater in one year. Assuming it rains, of course and, if this year is any gauge of what could happen, then I would say there will be a LOT of water in the future! I don’t think there is any way to capture ALL of that water, but it would be possible to grab half of it. So, let’s wait until the end of the house-building and see what’s what financially. Might have to postpone or possibly could move ahead with this project. Stay tuned!

Now that the roof is on, worries about the rain invading the exposed house disappear, of course. Yay!


I think this is our last hike on what we used to call “The Longest Walk.” We shortened this hike due to rattlesnakes down below and now there is a bull in the vicinity, too. The neighborhood is getting crowded! Time to move on.

PS. Was so sad to learn that James Gandolfini (who will probably always be remembered for Tony Soprano even though he made lots of great films) passed away this week. Too young to go! My Tony loved The Sopranos. Not because it was about Italians or the Mafia or any of that stuff, but because of Mr. Gandolfini and his portrayal. My Tony really enjoyed that Tony a lot. Maybe they will get together and discuss the merits of Italian cuisine, wherever they are. That’s a comforting culinary thought…

One of the best memories about James Gandolfini that has been shared on the web these last few days is this one, from director Mike Figgis, who somehow managed to get the director’s chair on the show for one episode. His story is revealing and funny. And it sounds so typical of BOTH James Gandolfini AND Tony Soprano. Requiescat in pace, Mr. G. Say “hi” to my Tony for me.


4 thoughts on “A Roof Over My Head

  1. The house is really moving along. The progress has seemed very swift to me — perhaps not so much to you, there, on the ground, waiting…. It looks very beautiful.

    We reclaim rainwater here in Austin (when it rains) — we have found it to be not that expensive once the gutters were in place, so I hope you will be able to do it. We have three 200-gallon tanks and a 1000-gallon tank. A good gullywasher easily fills the smaller tanks and then some. We tap the tanks directly and use the water for the plants in the yard and garden — it’s probably more involved if you’re planning on using the water for household stuff.

    Very sad about James Gandolifini…

    Hope you and Bella and Niles are well.

    • Hi Katy! We are looking at 4 2500 gallon tanks, which will actually only allow us to reclaim 1/4 of the water that might be generated. I was wrong to say half. And the water would be household water so lots of filters and stuff will have to be installed. But out here it is pretty clear this needs to happen. Yes, I was really sad to hear about Mr. G. He was just getting his film career really in gear. Way too young to have left this mortal coil.

  2. I hadn’t looked all the way down when I was on my phone…thanks for the Gandolfini stuff. That was very sad. Somehow I had missed the news of his death until this weekend.

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