Splashy Saturday on Frog Mountain

June 15

It rained thunder-buckets on Thursday and also some on Friday. Things turned green in town overnight–brown grass is suddenly green! I am glad the long drought here in Far West Texas seems to be over–for the moment, anyway.

Driving in to the building site, we discovered water! And I was reminded that Sierra La Rana means Frog Mountain. There were frogs everywhere. Well, everywhere there was water, which was not everywhere of course, but still…it SOUNDED like they were everywhere. Such a lot of croaking and BRRRAAPPING. Bella and Niles had no idea what was going on!


We have been experiencing a problem with rain getting inside the house. That was one of the reasons Steve was so intent on completing as much of the roof as possible. The actual metal roof itself will be here in another week or so and Steve reports that the crew can have installed in one day. Wow! Until then, they have been putting plastic everywhere and really working hard to keep the rain outside. The wind blows like mad up here on the mountain, though, and it will be hard to keep the weather out of the house with just plastic.


Dogs love to play in the water. The dirtier, the better. So this hike was a real joy for Bella and Niles. Me? Not so much. I was slipping and sliding in the mud and so glad I had my walking stick with me.

Towards the bottom of the hike, I heard the strangest noise. At first I thought it was a cow, but the cows were far away on the other side of the ravine. Then I realized. It was a bullfrog. Or something like a bullfrog. Not a BRAP. More like an A-ooo-GA. So strange. And he was alone in whatever water he had found down here near the deer pen. I wonder how he will survive …

Red alert! Cholla ahead! Finally…

2 thoughts on “Splashy Saturday on Frog Mountain

  1. always nice to get rain and see things green up. it can be a dramatic change out there. the good news (if weather patterns hold) is that the rainy season it still 2 weeks away and i’m hoping for a big year.

    • The water was a big surprise! It has been raining a lot. Not every day but pretty regularly. BIG rain on Monday–several hours in town. The mountains are so different when they are green.

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