Creating the Floor, Part Two

June 12

Arnold, whom you know as the great wood worker and corbel designer, is also an expert floor buffer. Steve tells me Arnold will also install the windows when they arrive in two more weeks. The man is a wonder!

Today, Arnold and his two-man team waxed and buffed the entire floor–TWICE. Arnold handled the buffing machine, another crew member threw down the wax and managed the electrical cord to the machine, and a third crew member applied wax and polished by hand in corners and along the edges which the buffer could not reach.

The floor takes on a very different aspect as it is waxed and buffed. I only took pictures of the first coat in the garage through the garage door and through the windows of my office and the Living Room because all of the rooms of the house are blocked off with plastic to keep dust and rain from blowing in.

Once the floor is completed, the next step will be spraying the adobe blocks and wood in the interior of the house with linseed oil. I think Arnold is going to do this, too. Hats off to Arnold!



We hiked earlier in the day than usual and it was nice. Nice until Bella made a slightly grisly (gristley?) discovery… Another reminder that Nature is not forgiving.

I forgot about the poor deer when we were leaving, though. The ocotillo, which has been there all along, suddenly seemed to jump out at me, so I stopped to take a look. I hope to plant at least one of these at the house, although I have seen none at all nearby. I think they are elegant and gorgeous and they bring bright red blooms (which we just missed…) that begin life looking like candy corn!

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