Creating the Floor, Part One

June 11

Today Steve sprayed the concrete floors throughout the entire house, including the porches and the garage, with two coats of acid. The first coat was English Red and the second Cola. Originally, I thought he did two coats of English Red, but actually only one is required. Together these colors mix to make a lovely dark orangey-maroonish-browny mix that will become a rich and deep almost leather-like texture once the floor is waxed and buffed (in Part Two). This is a big job but he cranked it out by about 2:00pm. The video will give you an idea of the process.


Steve’s biggest challenge in this project is to be “random” in his movements with the spray hose. Random movements add to the “color” texture he is trying to achieve. If he stays too long on one spot, the color will become too dark. If he misses a spot, then no color at all. There is art in this technical process, as you will see. Steve covered over 4,000 square feet of floor TWICE. I got tired just watching him.

Please click on the first picture to open up the Big Gallery!


The pictures below were actually taken on Sunday, June 10. Our weekend excursion included a lovely respite under the juniper tree. We needed that rest, too, because it was HOT.

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