June 4

One of the aspects of this house that I really love is the way it combines new and old technologies. Steve Belardo has developed a seamless way to do this in the homes he designs and builds and I think it is brilliant.

I will write a more in-depth posting on this soon. In the meantime, let’s focus on the new technologies–like electricity! 🙂


The house is almost completely wired now. Lights. Fans. Plugs. TV. Internet. Probably other stuff I don’t even know about! You’ve seen pictures of the various wires snaking throughout the house. At some point, you will see what most of the wires terminate in. For the time being, they are just hanging about, waiting to fulfill their destinies. Sorry. I have poetic feelings about electricity–I still consider it magic and I love all that it does.


Super hike today with Bella and Niles. It was really hot, but the sky was a glorious blue. “As usual,” you are saying to yourself, and that’s true, but lately we’ve had rain and gray skies, so the blue is welcome. The Africanized bees, not so much…


PS. About the references to McCall: I am a huge fan of the TV series THE EQUALIZER (1985-1989). I watched it when it first aired. Several episodes involved Robert McCall, played by the late and great Edward Woodward, defusing incendiary devices which included an array of multi-colored wires. I can hear the dialogue from those eps as I’m looking at the red wires running through-out the house. Sorry…I should be receiving the DVDs of the show from England soon if you are interested…No? I thought not… 😉

2 thoughts on “Wired!

  1. Thanks for taking such great photos– I can now imagine liking the desert– And what happy dogs, and the house- it’s practically move-in ready! 🙂

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