On the Roof!

May 23

May and June are apparently the rainy season here in Alpine. There has been a drought for the past two years, but I must have brought some rain with me from Houston because it is raining here now. Once a week for the past three weeks–sometimes hail, sometimes thunder and lightning, but always about 30-45 minutes of fairly good rain. And in the last few days, the weather has definitely turned towards the cloudy/hazy/hot that often leads to thunderstorms. I had not heard the word “thunderhead” in a long time, but I am seeing them here. Also “rolling thunder.” This is great but the house is suffering a bit. Water is getting into the interior, even though precautions have been taken. The water evaporates pretty quickly, though, unlike Houston, so I am not too worried. Let’s talk more about this at the END of the rainy season! In the meantime, the flora is loving it!


I am not afraid of heights but I do not like ladders. Especially the tall ones with only one little piece of metal per rung. Yikes! Steve spotted me as I made the climb up to the roof, always ready to grab me if I looked too shaky. I made it up and down without incident, but you should see him! He walks forward DOWN the ladder. I am impressed!

Once up there, Steve takes me on a tour to see the parapet and pony walls and to show me the progress being made with the ductwork and the electrical. I am so surprised at how BIG the roof is. My first view reminded me of an airport runway! Once all of this equipment is in place, rafters will be built and then I think we are ready for the roof itself.

Meanwhile, the stucco project is is underway down below. Most of the West end of the house has been insulated and decking installed. The house will be taller than I ever imagined.

Finally, we discussed the placement of ceiling lights and switches and fans. Talking about the interior and its layout is making me realize that this house will someday be a place where I roam around at night, turning on lights. Wonderful!!


Bella and Niles and I had every intention of going for a hike on our traditional road, but the thunderheads started moving in and it was really hot and steamy. So we wimped out. Later that night, it rained hard for almost an hour.

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