Onwards and Upwards!

May 21


So much happening, inside and out! The preparation for the roof is underway, as you know, and today the “Mechanical Men,” the folks who will install the duct work for the heating/cooling system and Tony the Plumber, were onsite to do what they need to do in the ceiling before the roof is installed.

Initially, I thought the house should not have an HVAC system because it seemed likely that the passive solar capabilities would be enough to heat and cool the house throughout the year. And while Steve agrees, we think, should the house ever be on the market (and this will NEVER happen because I am going to live forever, of course), it would be more appealing if it had this convenience. Wimps! I say. But in goes the HVAC system. Should we have a summer of more than 100 degree temps for thirty days running (which happened a few summers go), I will probably be glad.

I learned that the parapet wall which is going all around the North-facing side of the house will have decking similar to the decking in the interior of the house. The parapet walls support the traditional flat roof of a Pueblo Revival house. So this will be interesting to see!

The kivas have their first fire bricks in place and the arch form will help to design the adobe block arch. Once all of the adobe blocks and fire bricks are in place, the kiva will be covered in stucco. What color, you ask? I am not sure. I think the color will be the same as for the exterior of the house. I will check.

Finally, one of the design elements we are thinking about for this house is the concept of “aging in place.” Lever handles on all doors. Only one floor in the house. No steps inside the house. Simple bar handles on drawers and cabinets–no knobs. Some open shelves rather than closed cabinets. Lever handles on all sinks and bath tubs and showers. And, rather than bath tubs in all three bathrooms, we are installing walk-in showers in the guest bath and the West End Master Suite bath. Very cool. I decided the house needed one bath tub, though, so that will go in MY bathroom. “Aging in place” is a concept that is important when the people living in the house are not young. Anything we can do NOW to prepare for the inevitable arthritis, etc. will help later on.

But remember: I am going to live forever. Ha!

Oh, and I am still looking at TILE. Yikes! So many colors….

Remember to click on the first image so you can open up the Big Gallery and see everything more clearly!


Hot. Windy. Hazy. Did I mention hot? We went for a hike anyway. And if you do not see Niles in many pictures, it is because he is always peeing. We drink gallons of water while we are outside and, being small, he has to deal with all that water more than big ol’ Bella and I do…

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