Ramada Grande

May 8


The big news is the Ramada Grande–or Big Porch! Ramadas are common in the Southwest. They are sheltered areas outside that have no walls. I suppose this Ramada Grande is more likely a porch because there will be walls on two sides, but no matter. It is muy grande indeed as a result of some re-thinking on Steve’s part. He realized the roof was going to extend out farther than he had planned (because we completely re-did the roof, remember?) and this makes a larger ramada/porch on the West end of the house, outside the Master Suite, a possibility. It will be very cool and will include posts and corbels much like the front of the house. Great place to watch the sunset!

In other news, slurry application to the bond beam continues and the decking for the ceiling is almost complete. Everywhere I look, things are coming together inside the house. And rooms are getting cleaner as crew members sweep up. Now the house feels more like a house and less like a ruin! At some point in the future (once the windows and doors are in place, I think), this clean concrete floor will be sprayed with color. I will try to make a video of Steve being artistic when the time comes.

Don’t forget to click on the first image to open up the Big Gallery–or should I call it the Galleria Grande?


Sometimes hikes involve looking down at the ground to see if anything new is popping up this Spring. Other times, I am looking up.

3 thoughts on “Ramada Grande

  1. Hi Leah! Finally got around to look at all your pictures. Beautiful, beautiful home!!! I have never been in one. How cool are they in the dead heat? Me, I run for a lake or river. Of course our mosquitoes can carry you away here in Minnesota. We still have ice on some lakes. But you sure have beautiful views. Can’t wait to see it done. Your two puppies are loving it.
    Well, take care!

    • Thanks for visiting, Kari! From what I can tell so far, the interior of the house is going to be quite cool during the summer. I will not really find out until NEXT summer, though, when I am living in the house. I have never been to Minnesota but I know it is lovely there. We are both very lucky to live in beautiful places! 🙂

      • Hi Leah,
        I’m sorry but I forgot to ask if you or family or friends got hit by the storms. Stay
        Take care,

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