May 13

There is so much going on it is hard to keep track of it all! While adobe blocks were being laid, it was pretty clear what was happening at the building site. Now, many things are going on all at once. This project is just like the work I used to do–it involves a lot of multi-tasking.


So, here is a list (multi-taskers believe in lists):

  1. concrete has been laid for the expanded Porch/Ramada
  2. posts and corbels are being readied for the expanded Porch/Ramada
  3. felt and plastic have been placed over the decking (ceiling)
  4. almost all of the decking has been completed
  5. materials are ready for the building of the two kivas which will also have extended bancos on both sides
  6. the fascia for the South Roof has been installed
  7. many rooms have been swept and debris removed
  8. small wooden braces have been attached to the wood decking (ceiling)
  9. insulation is being installed in various spots
  10. framing for my bathroom, office, and the laundry room is in place and now the walls can be put up
  11. slurry and mortar have been applied on the bond beam almost completely throughout the house and the garage
  12. boiled linseed oil and other materials have arrived (for the interior wood, I think)
  13. probably something else I am not noticing…

So what have I been doing while all this is going on? I picked out the bathroom tubs, toilets, and sinks, the bathroom fixtures, and the kitchen sink! And Steve gave me a CD of Talavera tiles to review… wahoo!


I have said we will not walk this road much longer, but we are still hiking it. Sometimes the familiar is just what one needs, I guess. I will get adventurous and take us to the other road soon. In the meantime…

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