The Slurry with the Fringe on Top

May 6

So I have been a bit worried about the gray bond beam. I am all for that funky industrial look, with exposed pipes and brick and concrete, but not in this house, really. My fears evaporate today when I see the slurry being applied. Now the bond beam blends in perfectly with the mortar and adobe brick colors–and the wood, too. Slurry is a wet mud that goes over the concrete of the bond beam and covers it up.

Work continues on the decking but it is almost finished now. Lots of cleaning up has been accomplished and insulation has magically appeared at the site.  The house is feeling like a house now!



Not sure how much longer we will be hiking this road. A new road has opened up and I am told it has great views, so we will probably be changing roads soon. The mountain I had planned to start climbing has been full of cattle lately, so the new road might be the best option. Sporadic rains (and hail!) have continued to green things up but that first burst of color is over. I have no idea what is going to happen next! You know I will be taking a picture of it, whatever it is!

4 thoughts on “The Slurry with the Fringe on Top

    • Thanks for good and GoT wishes. I keep singing “The Bear, the Bear, and the Maiden Fair”…sad, really. Ha! Bella seems to be getting her mojo back, slowly but surely. Darned poltergeist scaring my Bella.

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