Viva Las Vigas!

April 28

Weather predictions are so interesting. The previous day, we were told a big thunderstorm was on the way during the night. Nope. Even by noon, things were still pretty clear. But by the time I completed a stroll around the building site on this beautiful Sunday, the storm finally developed. I was willing to take a chance on a hike, but Bella said no. We walked just a bit down the ranch road and she turned around and hoofed it back to the Jeep. Turns out she was right. We made it home and about an hour later, all heck broke loose: big winds, thunder and lightning, and finally rain and hail! Bella is smart.


The vigas are almost done. The bond beam for the garage is done. The posts and corbels in the Living Room are done. I love the view of the sky through the vigas so much that I’ve canceled the roof. I am ready to move in! 😉

3 thoughts on “Viva Las Vigas!

  1. Hey! I got this movie reference, how about that! Lovely lovely! Can hardly wait. And thanks for the GOT stuff…that episode was quite powerful. So looking forward to the next one! Gotta go, lots of work! !! nina

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