A Quiet Sunday

April 21

Bella and Niles were going stir-crazy, so we headed up to the building site for a tour. No hike. Just some frantic running around the house!

Steve appeared, driving the big back hoe (I call it the Earth Mover because that was my introduction to it) in preparation for Monday’s work. Since I had someone to “spot” me, I decided to get up high and check out the garage bond beam. I do not climb scaffolding without someone else being around, just in case I take a tumble. Bella and Niles have not yet learned how to use my cell phone in case of an emergency!



2 thoughts on “A Quiet Sunday

  1. Leah, things are really taking shape. It seems there is never a cloud in the sky above your place. Very little rainfall per annum, I take it. Very lovely.

    • Hi, Paul! There are amazing clouds sometimes but often the sky is just blue. The bluest blue. Smurf blue. 😉 And folks in Alpine will tell you there has been no significant rainfall here in over two years. I have seen Spring storms in the past two weeks, with rain and hail and thunder and lightning and high winds, but these storms last about 45 minutes. The ground is dry in less than a hour…not like Houston at all!

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