April 19

The previous day Bella and I took Niles to visit the vet. The hole in his shoulder was becoming infected and I could not keep him from licking it. Yuck. So, Niles got shaved a bit and cleaned up and now he wears a collar to keep him from attacking himself. He is on oral and topical antibiotics. Except for walking into the occasional wall, he is doing fine, but no hiking. The wound has to stay open to drain so he can’t be jumping into bushes chasing whatever it is he chases on our hikes! Bella is very upset about this but she is handling it–she has a big bump from the rattlesnake vaccine booster too, but she is very fastidious. She would never bite a hole in her shoulder. It is affecting her a bit, so today we roam about the house, checking out the new vigas and posts, and then I take them home to recuperate.

The big posts on the porch are a revelation! Drawings never prepare you for the reality, I don’t care how strong your imagination is! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Posts!

  1. It looks like you could have lots of company if the Astronomy Pad next door gets visited often. Maybe the astronomers will invite you to share their picnics!!
    Looks very exciting and coming together quite nicely – I am anxious to see the roof. Building a house is quite the experience and I am loving seeing it come together. I’m so excited for you watching your dream come true………….a really big dream and a super reality right in front of your eyes………….and you are so kind in sharing it with us.
    Thank you so much!!!! Kris (USA)

    • Kris!! Long time no see. Thanks for dropping by for a visit! Yes, things are progressing. And the roof will be coming soon. Then we move on to picking out tile and sinks and bath tubs and all the cool stuff for the interior. Move in is expected for Thanksgiving, so some months to go yet but you are right–it is a really big dream and it is coming true! You must come for a visit once I’ve got beds in the guest rooms! 🙂 Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are well and thriving!

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