April 17

We did not make it up to the building site yesterday to see the removal of the bond beam form. Bella and Niles managed to avoid the possible side-effects of the original rattlesnake vaccine shot, but the booster shot, which they both received about 10 days ago, turned out to be a doozy! Niles attacked the swelling at the shot site on his left shoulder with a vengeance and he chewed a hole in his leg overnight. Bella became listless and also swollen. So we stayed home and I played nurse. The vet laughed. I told you this could happen, she said. And it did.

So today, as we drove up the road in the little red Jeep, I did not know what to expect exactly but I almost burst into tears when I saw what was happening–so many vigas were already in place and the house looked like a “house”! If you recall the changed plans for the ceiling/roof, you know that these vigas are structural, not ornamental. And they are huge. They form a mighty foundation for the rest of the ceiling and the extensions of the vigas out beyond the adobe walls are beautiful. This house will be a fine example of Pueblo Revival architecture when it is completed. I could not be happier!

Because the dogs were “feeling poorly,” as my mother used to say, I let them roam around as I took pictures but we did not go for a hike. I was so stunned at the progress that had been made I am not certain I would have had eyes for even the claret cups today.

Remember to click on the first image to open up the Big Gallery!


2 thoughts on “Vigas!

  1. Hi Leah! You’re right — it is starting to look like a house. I have been following your postings with more and more interest as the house has gone up. Your house is going to be–already is–beautiful. I can’t wait to come out and visit 🙂

    Sorry to hear the dogs had a bad reaction. I hope they’re better now.

    Take care.

    • Hi Katy! Yes, it is suddenly taking shape! Soon the ceiling and then the roof will be in place. I wish we could keep one room open, though. I love to look through the vigas straight to the sky…

      Bella and Niles will be fine. At least now, if bitten by a rattlesnake, they have a better chance of surviving. Can’t wait to see you once I can provide a roof over your head! 😉

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