The Tall Pour

April 15 – Monday

The Tall Pour is all technical. It was exciting to watch everyone work together to get this project done in one day. Steve and his crew know how to work as a team. And that makes all the difference.

Be sure to click on the first image to open up the Big Gallery so you can see all the details!

2 thoughts on “The Tall Pour

  1. I can’t imagine being there to watch this house be created…like giving birth, with other people doing the grunt work! I hope you put your handprint somewhere in that bond beam cement…

    • No, no handprint. This job belongs to the crew. I don’t think they’ve put their handprints anywhere yet. I might ask Steve to carve their names in one of the posts! 🙂

      It is amazing to watch all this happening, you are right. It’s more like watching art being created on a grand scale–how do you make your vision a reality? Steve knows how to do this, thank the gods.

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