Bond Beam Prep #4

April 12


Friday. No work on Fridays, so we take a leisurely stroll around the building site, knowing it will be a beehive of activity on Monday! I love the way Steve and his crew prepare the site for each stage–they do all the prep work that is required, then clean up the area so nothing will get in the way of the impending activity. They know they don’t want to be tripping over extraneous stuff on Monday, when they will be frenetically pouring concrete and shaping the bond beam. Bella and Niles are bored when no one else is here. They want to go on their hike!


So off we go. It was a hot, very windy, and very dusty afternoon. But we are becoming accustomed to this climate and we trudge on. I have learned that there is always something new to see–or something familiar to see in a new way. It is always worth hiking the Purple Road in Spring, I now know.

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