Bond Beam Prep #3: Getting Ready for the Tall Pour

April 11


The first thing I saw when we made it up the mountain on this Thursday was the corbels. Cutting and sanding were underway and it was fascinating to watch. These beauties will really add so much style and grace to this rustic handmade house, inside and outside. I look forward to seeing them in place! The work on the bond beam form is almost complete. The rebar pieces, both the long ones that fill the form and the short ones that stick up out of it, are in place. The “Tall Pour” is scheduled for Monday and it will be quite a job. Steve tells me it should all be finished in one day! I am surprised by the size of the bond beam form for the garage, but this is necessary because it is so long across the span of the “room” and there are no columns within the room to support the ceiling beams and the ceiling itself. I absolutely intend to turn this garage into a formal room of the house someday–it is going to be too beautiful to be a home for trucks and Jeeps only!


No hike today–we will be up here tomorrow (Friday).

And you are tired of seeing pictures of claret cup cacti, aren’t you? Bored even? Yes? Well, I am NOT! πŸ™‚

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