Bond Beam Prep #2

April 10


The oddly shaped rebar and its purpose became clear(er). The bond beam form has made its way almost completely around the house. Scaffolding is being arranged for the “tall pour,” as opposed to the “monumental” pour for the foundation. If we are lucky with the weather, the concrete pour for the bond beam will be Monday of next week!


On today’s hike, I tried to take pics of things I have not shown you earlier, but I failed in the case of the claret cup cactus…I just can’t resist shooting them, once I come across one. But there are other beauties springing up now, so enjoy them, too.

2 thoughts on “Bond Beam Prep #2

  1. Why, hello Ms. Nina. You like the rebar or the flowers? Or both? I am still crying because no one commented on that posting title. Beam. Bond Beam. Get it? Ok. I will stop already.

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