A Gray Day

March 29

A very gray Friday. In the town, the clouds looked threatening, but in a good way–there has been no rain of any significance in Alpine for over two years now. So gray clouds that might make me a bit nervous are good news here. We headed up to the building site thinking the clouds would disperse, but they remained. And grew darker. And stranger in their appearance, with smaller clouds hanging down from the gray sky like huge grapes. Lovely, but scary.

The house felt like Fort Krevit indeed by the time we made it up there. Even with no roof, I felt safer standing inside it, taking pictures of all of the sturdy lintels now in place throughout the house.



I just knew it was going to rain. Up on the mountain, there is this feeling that lightning will strike anything that stands taller than 5 feet. Bella and Niles are safe. But not me. So no walk.

Did it ever rain? No.

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