More Lintels

March 27


Lintels are everywhere! Almost all of the windows and doors now have their lintels in place. Some are small, some are gigantic. These are lovely pieces of pine wood, some with really lovely marbling, as you can see. When the roof is in place and the interior is sheltered, these wood pieces will be sprayed with linseed oil and they will age and darken over time.

The wood adds a whole new feeling to the structure of the house. And this is just the beginning.


Still trying to figure out the best walk now. The longest walk is only half possible due to the danger of rattlesnakes and the new mountain that is part of the approved hiking area is full of cows at the moment! Bella and Niles content themselves with racing around the building site on this hot day. Niles barks at everyone and Bella looks into each room as though she knows this will soon be her house.

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