Friday Visit

March 22


The crew does not work on Fridays, so visits on these days feel very different. No one is here, but you can see all of the work that has been accomplished. Plus we get a preview of what is going to happen next!


The Homeowner’s Association meeting happened this week and my brother visited, so the longest walk was focused on keeping up with HIM on the road this time. And at the bottom where the road forks, we found the mesquite tree burgeoning with new green leaves. The walk ended with a brief confrontation with a rattlesnake hidden in the rocks–Bella fortunately listened to my brother’s commands and avoided being bitten. But we will not be walking the longest walk all the way to the bottom any longer. The snakes seem to stay away from the higher areas, while loving the lower ones, where it is probably warmer. I will carry my walking stick in future and hope that Niles and Bella have sense enough to stay away from the rattlers. They have had their rattlesnake vaccine shots, but I still have nightmares about this…and now is the time to begin scoping out the other mountain that is part of the official hiking area. Higher is better, it seems.

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