Smurf Blue

March 11


The site became a bit more colorful this week with the addition of the Smurf Tubing (yes, it is called this because it is “smurf blue”)! This plastic tubing is used to bring up the electrical wiring through the walls. It started popping up everywhere, as you will see.

Notice how the adobe blocks are set in alternating rows? This is called “being on bond.” There is an architectural specification for this, according to Steve, and it is very important to the stability of the walls. And, because these blocks will be exposed in the interior of the house (not covered with stucco), it looks better too, don’t you think?

Be sure to click on the first picture to open up the BIG GALLERY so you can see better. And leave a comment or ask a question!

adobe block lesson

The adobe blocks come in lots of shapes and sizes, as you have seen. I walked around the site and tried to capture all that were available on pallets on this day. I’ve labeled each photo with the “official” name for each type of adobe block. These blocks are stabilized with cement and this makes it possible to cast them in almost any size and shape–whatever is needed. Steve has been very creative in developing new molds for new shapes of adobe blocks and he relies on shaped blocks to help avoid the need to cut them, which is time-consuming and generates a lot of dust on the building site, as you have seen.

This is just Part 1 of the lesson. Steve has more he wants me to show you later on (plus I think he thinks some of these pictures could be a little clearer!).


Spring really revved up this week! The longest walk led to some surprising evidence of new growth and rebirth. And suddenly nature did not feel quite as inhospitable as it did last week…funny how that happens!

I have obviously not quite figured out the focus thing on this camera yet, as you will see in these pictures. I was not being artsy-fartsy, really. I was just trying to capture the shot. I need more experience, which I will get over the coming months, no doubt. And I will say that trying to take pictures in the mid-day sun is not easy. Now that summer is on the way, we will be heading up to the site earlier in the morning and I will not have the big bad sun over my head!

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