Higher and Higher

March 15

I helped a friend who teaches a college course on celebrity and social media with her online class all morning. We used Twitter to ask and answer questions. Fortunately, there is a tool called TwitLonger for verbose people like me–and her students! It was a blast. Just in case you were wondering what I do with my spare time… 🙂

A quick trip up to the site in the late afternoon led to a surprise!

The crew does not work on Fridays, so it was quiet–and hot even at 5:00 pm. Progress continues and it looks like they are sticking to their “one course per day” goal. Half of the house is at 15 courses now, the other half at sixteen. At this rate, work on the wood could start next week! And shortly after that, the roof. THEN it will really feel like a “house.”



Bucky the antelope hangs out just inside the front entrance to the property, at the main gate. He is usually accompanied by a couple of female friends but they were not in evidence today. Bucky was laying in the grass, minding his own business, when we came barreling in. The window on the shotgun side was down and Bella and Niles smelled him before they saw him. Barking ensued and Bucky slowly made his way up the hill, not too worried, but determined to get away from the strange barking Jeep…

PS. I’m all caught up with these postings. Sorry for the delay. I hope to stay on track now!

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